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Battle Ready Medieval Buckler Shield

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The buckler is a weapon that was in constant use from the earliest periods of the middle ages throughout the Renaissance and up until the prevalence of firearms rendered it obsolete. In addition, buckler combat is the oldest fighting style for which we have a surviving manual. Our Battle Ready Medieval Buckler Shield is constructed of fourteen gauge steel with a riveted X stemming from the boss and a steel rim. The steel handle is covered with wood and is riveted to the main body for a good grip, even when your palms start to get sweaty. When examining bucklers it is impossible not to make comparison to shields. In fact, bucklers are small shields, but what differentiates them from other small shields, such as targes, is the ways they are used. Whereas shields are used in combination with many weapons, such as the sword, axe, mace or spear, buckers are generally only used with single handed swords. There are however some references to bucklers being used with a long sword or even more commonly a hand and a half or bastard sword. Later, during the Renaissance, a buckler would often be used to compliment a rapier or sword. The other major difference from a shield is how a buckler is held. Unlike a shield that is strapped to the arm, a buckler is held with only the hand giving it added mobility. This allows it to be rotated to protect the sword hand from both sides and thrust out to meet blows or strike a blow itself.



Diameter: 15.5 Inches
Material: 14 Gauge Steel with Wood on the Handle
Design: with Rivets


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