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Chinese Hook Swords Set

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Extensively used in Wushu and other Chinese martial arts, we bring you this hook sword set. These versatile weapons have been used in China since ancient times and can be used in a multitude of ways depending on the situation. The blade is sharpened and is used as a normal sword. The hook part can be used for grappling and disarming opponents. The hand guard can be used for blocking, trapping and slashing your opponents. The pommel is dagger shaped and sharpened for a potent stabbing point. The hooks can also be hooked together and swung for added reach. As one can see it is a potent weapon in the right hands and is incredibly versatile. Our version is made of a solid piece of steel and the handle is wrapped in cord to provide a comfortable grip. This set come with a pair of two hook swords.



Set comes in a pair of two
Can be used in a multiple ways depending on the situation
Made of solid piece of steel
Cord wrapped handle
Overall length 33 inches each

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