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Cold Steel Bokken

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Embark on a journey of martial arts mastery with the Cold Steel Bokken, meticulously crafted to mirror the elegance and strength of traditional Japanese swords. Inspired by our renowned Warrior series swords, these Japanese Training Swords boast wide blades that echo the graceful lines of their legendary counterparts. Crafted from super tough polypropylene, these training swords feature no sharp edges or points, making them ideal for a wide range of training activities including armored sparring, conditioning drills, and pell work. The intricately detailed imitation cord wrap grip enhances control and handling, ensuring superior performance even when wearing heavy gloves. Whether you are a seasoned martial artist or a novice trainee, Cold Steel's Training Swords offer unparalleled durability and heavy-duty training potential, empowering you to refine your skills and technique with each practice session.



Durable Construction: Made from super tough polypropylene, the Cold Steel Bokken is built to withstand rigorous training sessions without compromising on performance or durability.
Safe Training: With no sharp edges or points, these training swords are perfect for armored sparring, solo drills, and conditioning exercises while minimizing the risk of injury.
Authentic Design: Modeled after Cold Steel's renowned Warrior series swords, the Bokken features a wide blade that mimics the flowing lines of traditional Japanese swords, providing a realistic training experience.
Superior Grip: The intricately detailed imitation cord wrap grip ensures superior control and handling, even when wearing heavy gloves during intense training sessions.
Heavy-Duty Training: Weighing 20 ounces and measuring 41.5 inches in total length, the Cold Steel Bokken offers the perfect balance of weight and size for effective and realistic martial arts training.

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