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Cold Steel Hand and a Half Training Sword

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Embrace the wisdom of generations with the Cold Steel Hand and a Half Training Sword, a testament to the age-old practice of honing martial prowess safely and effectively. For martial artists, mastering the art of wielding a sharp blade requires dedicated training with tools that replicate the size, feel, and weight of a real blade while minimizing the risk of serious injury to oneself or training partners. This ancient concept finds roots in various cultures, including the Romans who utilized wooden swords to train their Gladiators. However, wooden tools presented challenges such as rot, cracking, and limited use in adverse weather conditions. Cold Steel has ingeniously addressed these concerns by crafting a range of synthetic polymer substitutes that offer exceptional durability, weather resistance, and affordability.



Superior Durability: Crafted from synthetic polymer, the Cold Steel Hand and a Half Training Sword offers unparalleled durability, resisting rot, cracking, chipping, or splintering that commonly plagues wooden training tools.
All-Weather Performance: Unaffected by extreme temperatures, this training sword remains functional and reliable in all weather conditions, ensuring consistent training quality regardless of outdoor elements.
Authentic Design: With an overall length of 44 inches and a 34-inch blade, this training sword closely approximates the size and feel of a real blade, providing a realistic training experience for martial artists of all levels.
Safe Training: Weighing 32 ounces, the Hand and a Half Training Sword strikes a balance between heft and safety, allowing practitioners to practice techniques with confidence while minimizing the risk of causing serious harm to themselves or others.
Versatile Training Tool: Ideal for solo drills, partner sparring, and form practice, this training sword is a versatile companion for martial artists seeking to refine their skills with a reliable and durable training instrument.

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