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Cold Steel War Hammer

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Embark on a journey through time and valor with the Cold Steel Warhammer, a legendary weapon forged to conquer the fiercest of battles. The Warhammer, revered for its prowess against knights clad in impenetrable plate steel, boasts a formidable heavy hammer head capable of shattering armor with unmatched force. Its back spike, akin to a mighty opener of fortresses, unveils vulnerabilities in the strongest defenses. Esteemed by Historical European Martial Artists and re-enactors worldwide, Cold Steel's contemporary take on the Warhammer combines historical reverence with modern finesse. This versatile masterpiece seamlessly transitions between one-handed finesse and two-handed might, offering unparalleled maneuverability and adaptability on the battlefield. Forged with precision and care, the Warhammer's head is a testament to Cold Steel's commitment to excellence. Crafted from drop-forged 1055 Carbon steel and meticulously heat-treated, the spike and hammer face are hardened to pierce and crush obstacles, while the rest of the hammer absorbs the impact of each decisive blow. The handle, a testament to strength and durability, spans 30 inches of straight grain American Hickory, offering a secure grip and unwavering control in the chaos of combat. Topped with sturdy steel langettes, this Warhammer is not just a weapon; it's a symbol of courage, resilience, and the indomitable spirit of champions.



Versatility in Combat: Highly maneuverable and balanced, the Cold Steel Warhammer dances between offense and defense with grace. Wield it single-handedly or unleash its full potential with a two-handed grip, adapting seamlessly to your combat style and strategy.
Craftsmanship Meets Artistry: The 30-inch straight grain American Hickory handle, crowned with sturdy steel langettes, not only provides exceptional durability but also exudes elegance and craftsmanship worthy of a noble warrior.
Epic Battles Await: Whether you're a seasoned warrior, a historical martial arts enthusiast, or a collector of fine weaponry, the Cold Steel Warhammer beckons you to relive epic tales of valor and conquest. Dominate the battlefield and leave your mark on history with this iconic weapon.
Unleash Your Inner Champion: Embrace the legacy of knights and legends as you wield the Cold Steel Warhammer. From thrilling reenactments to honing your combat skills, this Warhammer embodies the essence of courage, strength, and triumph—a testament to the warrior spirit within us all.


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