Cut Throat Genuine Leather Razor Strop


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This flexible strip of leather is used to straighten and polish the blade of a straight razor , a knife, or a woodworking tool like a chisel. Good stropping helps to keep the razor's edge in its optimal shave-ready condition. As a basic starting point one could do about 40-60 laps before each shave on a plain leather strop of good quality. Some add to that by doing 10-20 laps after their shaves as well. This will help remove soap, skin and moisture gathered on the edge that could potentially develop rust on your shaving edge. Maintaining your strop is also just as important as maintaining your razor. The Cut Throat Genuine Leather Razor Strop is constructed of a soft suede leather in the middle and smooth leather on the ends. There is a movable hook on the end so you can rotate and secure your strop.



Overall Length: 22.50 Inches
Overall Width: 2 inches
Material: Leather
Includes: Metal Hook

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