Dark Thrill Seeker Outdoor Camping Axe


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Sometimes you just got to get outdoors. Being cooped up in your office behind your desk isn't doing you any good so grab your hiking boots and backpack and get outdoors with the Dark Thrill Seeker Outdoor Camping Axe. Constructed with a stainless steel blade and anodized finish to protect against all weather conditions this axe has it all. Chop wood, make kindling, or tenderize meat there is so much it can do. The back of the blade features a hammer style pommel for hammering in those uncooperative tent spikes. What's so great about the Dark Thrill Seeker Outdoor Camping Axe is that the ABS handle comes textured with a faux wood grain and is hollowed out so you can store items right inside. How great is that? It also includes a thick durable nylon sheath with belt loop to slide on your belt and a regular loop to attach to your pack with a carabiner when you are in a hurry. Get in touch with your thrill seeker and start your backpacking journey with the Dark Thrill Seeker Outdoor Camping Axe today.



Dimensions: Overall Lengt - 9 Inches; Blade Length - 2.6 Inches
Overall Width: Approx. 5 Inches
Blade Material: Stainless Steel, Anodized Finish
Handle: Dimensions - 9 x 1 x 2 Inches; ABS
Includes: Belt loop

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