Deep Black + Fur Wrist Cuff and Whip


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Why do whips have tresses?  Only the wild know for sure. This set is constructed of durable PU leather with soft imitation fur on the reverse side, for comfort.  Featuring an adjustable strap with buckle, these cuffs may be secured by your choice of six punch holes. This set includes a steel link chain with snap hooks on each end - remove the chain and thread your favourite silk scarf through the cuff loops for variety.  The matching whip with wrist strap is made from PU/bicast leather, ended by a firm wooden handle.



Wrist Restraint Length: 13 Inches
Wrist Restraint Width: 2 Inches
Wrist Chain Length: 14 Inches
Whip Length: 21 Inches
Material: PU Leather, Leather, Steel, Imitation Fur, Wood

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