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Deflect Option Medieval Hand Forged Winged Spearhead

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Unleash the power of defense with our Deflect Option Winged Spearhead—a functional replica of historical winged spearheads. Characterized by flat protrusions resembling wings, this spearhead adds versatility and defensive capabilities, ideal for both foot soldiers and mounted troops. Hand-forged from high carbon steel, its broad blade and impressive size make it a standout choice for reenactors and medieval enthusiasts. With an Overall Length of 22.5 inches and Blade Length of 12.25 inches, this spearhead comes predrilled for easy assembly onto a handle of your choice.



Historical Accuracy: Replicates the winged spearhead used by foot soldiers and mounted troops.
Defensive Design: Flat protrusions for catching swords, axes, or other spears.
Hand Forged: Crafted from high carbon steel for durability and authenticity.
Easy Assembly: Predrilled shaft for quick mounting onto a handle.
Impressive Size: Overall Length of 22.5 inches, Blade Length of 12.25 inches.

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