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Emissary of Shadows Carbon Steel Nodachi Katana

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Unleash the power of the battlefield with our Carbon Steel Nodachi Katana Sword, a masterpiece of craftsmanship and artistry. This handforged blade is meticulously crafted from 1045 carbon steel, ensuring strength, durability, and a razor-sharp edge. The tri-tone blade showcases a captivating black finish with a striking silver cutting edge, exuding a perfect balance of menace and elegance. The spine of the blade is adorned with a mesmerizing black and white geometric pattern, adding an extra layer of sophistication to this formidable weapon. Measuring an impressive 56 inches in total length, with a commanding 40-inch blade, our Nodachi Katana is a symbol of authority and precision. The metal guard features an antiquated copper finish, adorned with multiple overlapping elliptical patterns, creating a visual masterpiece that complements the blade's artistry. The handle is wrapped in ray skin, providing a comfortable and secure grip, further enveloped in black cotton wrapping for a touch of traditional aesthetics. The handle culminates in a large onion-shaped metal pommel, offering balance and a touch of regality to the sword's design. This exceptional Nodachi Katana comes housed in a hard black textured scabbard, ensuring both protection and a stylish presentation. Elevate your collection with this Carbon Steel Nodachi Katana—a fusion of art and functionality that pays homage to the mastery of ancient craftsmanship.



Handforged 1045 carbon steel blade for superior strength and sharpness.
Tri-tone blade finish in black with a silver cutting edge for a captivating visual impact.
Black and white geometric pattern on the spine adds an extra layer of artistic detail.
Antiquated copper-finished metal guard with overlapping elliptical patterns for a regal touch.
Genuine ray skin handle wrapped in black cotton, topped with a large onion-shaped metal pommel.

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