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Exquisite Handmade Golden Damascus Steel Katana

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Elevate your collection with our Handmade Golden Damascus Steel Katana, a rare masterpiece destined to be the crowning jewel of any serious sword enthusiast. This unique sword is a testament to the artistry and craftsmanship of our skilled artisans. The blade, a result of meticulous hand-forging from high carbon steel, undergoes a tempering process to ensure hardness of the blade. Revealing a stunning and individualized damascus steel pattern, each blade becomes a work of art in its own right. The razor-sharp edge, a product of careful honing, is coated in a breathtaking gold finish, setting this katana apart from the ordinary. The metal guard, finished in matching gold, features an intricate motif depicting a canary sneaking up on a mantis, adding a touch of mystique to the design. The handle, wrapped in ray skin and cotton, provides a comfortable and secure grip, while the pommel, intricately designed and also in gold, adds to the sword's overall elegance. Housed in a beautifully lacquered sheath that complements the golden blade, this katana stands at an impressive 41 inches with a 28.5-inch blade—a collector's dream and a stunningly unique piece.



Rare Damascus Steel Blade: Each blade reveals a unique and intricate pattern.
Razor-Sharp Edge: Honed to perfection for optimal cutting performance.
Gold IP Coating: Adds a breathtaking and distinctive golden sheen to the blade.
Intricate Metal Guard: Featuring a motif of a canary and mantis for added visual appeal.
Comfortable Grip: Ray skin and cotton-wrapped handle ensures a secure and comfortable hold.

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