Raving Lunatic Glass Breaker and Handguard Knife


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This gargantuan blade will... Well, I hate to say it even if it's true but it will make a grown man cry like a baby. The Raving Lunatic Glass Breaker and Handguard Knife is full on insane! This knife will blow your mind and have you going stark raving mad with all it can do. The monstrous blade includes four different cutting edges. Yes, FOUR! The thick durable blade has a cleaver styled belly, partial serrated back, tanto tip, and sawback spine. If that's not insane I just don't know what is! The blade also features a black anodized finish to prevent rusting and reduce glare creating a non-reflective surface. With this knife at your side you really don't need anything else and we've only covered the blade. The Raving Lunatic Glass Breaker and Handguard Knife comes with the mother of all handles. First off all solid one-piece construction. The scales have been riveted on and are made of an ABS material then contoured for comfort. But that's not all; a dual purpose glass breaker completes this piece and sits right at the end on the pommel for easy access. The Raving Lunatic Glass Breaker and Handguard Knife easily annihilate any foe that crosses your path. It also comes with a durable handy dandy reinforced nylon sheath with belt loop to easily have your weapon at the ready in a time of need. Just a side note... Even though this knife is massive it is completely balanced just by the added fuller and weight reducing cutouts in the blade.



Dimensions: Overall Length - 14.50 Inches, Blade Length - 8.25 Inches
Blade: Stainless Steel, Black Anodized Finish, Sawback, Partial Serration, Tanto, Cleaver Belly
Handle: ABS with One Piece Steel Handguard, Glass Breaker
Includes: Reinforce Nylon Sheath with Belt Loop and Steel Snaps

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