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Functional Medieval Guardian of Asgard Viking Replica Sword

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During the age of the Vikings, the axe, the bow and the spear all serve purpose outside of the battlefield. The sword does not. Its sole purpose was for war. The best of these specialized weapons could’ve been worth more than a dozen cows! Whatever the time period the sword has always been a highly personalized weapon, but perhaps never more so than during the Viking Age. It was the weapon of champions and heroes in a world of epic and glory. This replica has a classic pommel characterized by the Vikings, and the blade is forged from flexible high carbon tempered steel and set with a deep fuller. The blade features a weathered look that gives it an authentic feel. Concerning durability, this sword is simply one of the best of its category! It’s fully functional and perfect for uses such as practice and training. Its cross guard and pommel are made of steel and they are directly welded to a wide and sturdy tang for a nearly indestructible overall construction. Not only is this sword impressive in construction, but it is also quite beautiful. The grip is finished with high quality leather and the blade is nicely oiled to protect from rusting. The guard and pommel are etched with intricate Viking runes. Included is a FREE richly detailed matching Genuine leather wrapped scabbard displaying amazing Viking dragon designs! A removable belt loop attachment is also included. Surely a weapon of choice for any war-chief in the making!



Overall Length: 38 inches; Blade Length: 31 inches
Blade Thickness: (Near Guard): 4.10 mm (Near Point): 2.8 mm
Handle Length: 7 inches; Guard: 4.5 inches
Blade Material: High Carbon Spring Steel; Oiled
100% Pure Leather-Wrapped Handle

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