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Genshin Impact Engulfing Lightning Sword

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Dive into the tempestuous beauty of Teyvat with the Engulfing Lightning Sword—a polearm that commands the skies and mirrors the breathtaking aesthetics of Genshin Impact. The metal blade, adorned with a unique multi-shaded purple pattern, captures the essence of electrifying power. As you wield this elegant weapon, the enchanting guard, faithful to the game's design, takes on a distinctive shape clad in regal gold. The shaft of the Engulfing Lightning Sword is a deep, royal purple, creating a striking contrast to the electrifying hues. The matching gold-clad end piece not only adds a touch of opulence but also completes the seamless fusion of power and elegance. Unleash the storm with every swing and let the Engulfing Lightning Sword be the epitome of your journey through the electrifying landscapes of Genshin Impact.



Electrifying Purple Pattern: The metal blade showcases a unique multi-shaded purple pattern, capturing the essence of lightning and stormy power.
Regal Gold-Clad Guard: The guard's unique shape, faithfully reproduced from the game, is adorned in regal gold, adding both authenticity and opulence.
Royal Purple Shaft: The polearm's shaft boasts a deep royal purple, creating a captivating visual contrast and embodying the nobility of the Engulfing Lightning Sword.
Matching Gold-Clad End Piece: The metal end piece, matching the guard, is clad in gold, completing the seamless fusion of power and elegance along the length of the polearm.
Symphony of Power and Elegance: The Engulfing Lightning Sword is not just a weapon; it's a symphony of power and elegance, a visual masterpiece that brings the electrifying beauty of Genshin Impact into your hands.

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