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Genshin Impact Freedom-Sworn Sword

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Unveil the allure of Teyvat with the Genshin Impact - Freedom-Sworn Sword, a true masterpiece that transcends the realms of art and power. This magnificent sword is a visual symphony, bathed in deep blues and golds that dance harmoniously across its stunning blade. The captivating design, faithful to the game, is an ode to elemental mastery, featuring multiple shades of blues adorned with silver accents that accentuate its mesmerizing beauty. The sword boasts a gold-clad guard in a unique pattern, crowned with two ethereal blue gems, creating an enchanting fusion of elegance and strength. With an overall length of 45.5 inches as well as a blade length of 29 inches, the Freedom-Sworn Sword promises to be the centerpiece of any collector's arsenal. Hold onto the solid handle, feel the might of the spiked pommel, and immerse yourself in the elemental symphony that defines this extraordinary blade. Embrace the spirit of Teyvat with the Freedom-Sworn Sword—a visual and elemental marvel that transcends the boundaries of gaming and collector's art.



Elemental Symphony: The stunning blade showcases multiple shades of blues, accentuated by silver accents, capturing the essence of elemental power in the world of Genshin Impact.
Gold-Clad Guard: A uniquely patterned gold-clad guard adds a touch of regality, faithfully recreating the in-game design, and is adorned with two radiant blue gems that embody the elemental forces within.
Majestic size: With an impressive overall length of 45.5 inches, 29 inch blade, the Freedom-Sworn Sword stands as a testament to both grandeur and functionality, making it a striking addition to any collection.
Solid Handle: The sword features a solid handle designed for both comfort and control, ensuring a secure grip as you embark on your own adventures, mirroring the resilience of the characters in Genshin Impact.
Spiked Pommel: The spiked pommel not only adds a fierce aesthetic but also serves as a reminder of the sword's potency, blending elegance with the raw power characteristic of the Freedom-Sworn Sword.

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