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Genshin Impact Sword Replica Akuoumaru Claymore

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Step into the frost-kissed realms of Genshin Impact with the Akuoumaru Claymore—a breathtaking sword that weaves a tale of elegance and power. This beautiful weapon features a metal blade adorned with a mesmerizing curved line pattern, showcasing multiple shades of blues and silvers. The blade, faithful to the game's design, is a testament to the artistry and craftsmanship within the world of Teyvat. Connecting seamlessly to the magnificent white guard, the Akuoumaru Claymore stands as a true embodiment of its virtual counterpart. The guard, intricately detailed, captures the essence of the in-game aesthetic, adding an extra layer of authenticity to this collector's dream. The sword's handle, wrapped for sturdiness and comfort, invites you to wield the power of cryo with finesse. The metal end cap adds a finishing touch to the handle, enhancing both the grip and the overall visual appeal. The sword is 43 inches in total length and features a 29 inch blade. Immerse yourself in the frosty elegance of the Akuoumaru Claymore—a masterpiece that transcends the pixels of the game into a tangible work of art.



Frosty Curved Line Pattern: The metal blade boasts a captivating curved line pattern in multiple shades of blues and silvers, capturing the essence of cryo power in every swing.
Magnificent White Guard: The faithful reproduction of the white guard from the game adds authenticity and intricacy to the Akuoumaru Claymore, making it a must-have for Genshin Impact enthusiasts.
Sturdy Wrapped Handle: The sword features a handle wrapped for sturdiness, providing both comfort and control during your adventures in Teyvat.
Metal End Cap: The handle is adorned with a metal end cap, not just for aesthetics but to enhance the grip and complete the visual harmony of the Akuoumaru Claymore.
Collector's Dream: With its breathtaking design and faithful reproduction, the Akuoumaru Claymore is not just a sword—it's a tangible piece of Genshin Impact's enchanting world, a collector's dream come to life.

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