Golden Pharaoh King Cobra Sword Cane


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“Oooooowee”! Strut your stuff walking in style with this venomous beast at your side. The golden king draws attention like no other and looks fabulous paired against a matte black steel shaft. This cane was made to make a statement. It can bear up to 200 lbs. The shaft is steel with a zinc aluminum handle. Just look at her. Isn’t she a beaut? The detailing is magnificent you can literally see each scale. Just take a peek inside the shaft for an added surprise. This cane is equipped with a stainless steel blade that is 11.25 inches in length. This is a sturdy, supportive cane and can be used every day for all needs. With a rubberized tip at the base, expect a soft landing and help with balancing while walking.



Stainless Steel Blade, Blade Length: 11.25 Inches
Metal Handle, Rubber Tip
Metal Shaft, King Cobra Design
Overall Length: 36.25 Inches
Handle Material: Zinc Aluminum

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