Grand Renaissance Handmade Wessex Belt Pouch


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Bags just like the Grand Renaissance Handmade Wessex Belt Pouch were worn daily to carry items such as weapons, tools, food, and flint. They could be very fashionable with all sorts of adornments or they could be very simple depending on one’s need. Bags and pouches were essential to daily life because clothing during that time period did not feature pockets as our clothing does today. This pouch is made from suede and dyed a lovely rich slate blue. It is muted for everyday use or dressy enough to finish off that special outfit on your way out to the opera. Adhered to the back are two large belt loops to accommodate any size belt. To keep your valuables safe there is a decorative brass button closure featured on the front. Dress the Grand Renaissance Handmade Wessex Belt Pouch up like a Lord or dress it down like your average farm.



Dimenstions: 10.1 Inches x 9.5 Inches
Belt Loop Dimensions: 3 Inches x 1 Inches
Bag Material: Suede Leather
Color: Blue Slate
Adornment Material: Brass

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