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Hand Forged Viking Saga Iron Spear Head

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The spear was the most commonly used weapon in the Viking age. Compared to a sword, the spear can be made with inferior steel and far less metal overall. This made the weapon cheaper and probably within the capability of a common blacksmith to produce. The spear was used both as a throwing weapon and as a thrusting weapon, although there was some specialization in design. Lighter, narrower spearheads were made for throwing; heavier broader ones, for stabbing. This spear head is made to be mounted on a pole of your choosing. Traditionally spear heads like this were mounted on an ash wood pole. This head comes in a lozenge shaped and is hand forged of iron. The sides are edged but can be sharpened more to your liking. The weathered finish makes this piece look like it has been transported back from in time. There is also a hole on the shaft to nail or screw the spear onto a pole.



Overall Length: 7.50 Inches
Diameter: 21.17mm
Material: Iron


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