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Handmade Damascus Steel Roman Gladius XV Legion Edition

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Immerse yourself in the legacy of the XV Legion with our Handmade Damascus Steel Roman Gladius XV Legion Edition. This masterfully crafted sword pays homage to ancient craftsmanship, meticulously blending history and artistry. The carbon steel blade, expertly folded and drawn out, unveils a mesmerizing Damascus steel pattern, embodying the timeless elegance of the Roman era. Fitted with a handmade wooden handle adorned with ornate metal fittings and featuring an ergonomic grip, this gladius offers both comfort and visual splendor. The XV Legion Edition proudly represents the spirit of Rome inviting collectors to embrace the grandeur of ancient warriors. Housed in a genuine leather sheath, this gladius transcends time, becoming a statement piece of historical reverence. This Handmade Damascus Steel Roman Gladius XV Legion Edition is a collector's dream, seamlessly blending ancient craftsmanship with modern appreciation for history.



XV Legion Edition: Immersed in the spirit of the renowned XV Legion.
Damascus Steel Blade: Meticulously folded, showcasing a captivating pattern.
Handmade Wooden Handle: Ergonomic grip for comfort and control.
Ornate Metal Fittings: Handcrafted details enhance the overall aesthetic.
Genuine Leather Sheath: Provides both protection and a touch of authenticity.

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