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Handmade Katana and Tanto Set from Ghosts of Tsushima Clan Sakai Edition

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Embark on a journey inspired by Ghosts of Tsushima with our Handmade Katana and Tanto Set, meticulously crafted to honor the legacy of Clan Sakai. The beautifully handmade katana features a blade forged from high-quality 1060 carbon steel, polished, and sharpened to perfection. The blade seamlessly connects to a habaki adorned with the symbol of Clan Sakai, paying homage to the iconic narrative of the game. The intricate metal guard, finished in black, showcases electric bolt symbols, adding a touch of mystique and power to the design. The handle is adorned with black rayskin, wrapped in white cotton, and crowned with an intricate metal end cap for a regal finish. Measuring 41 inches in total length with a 29-inch blade, the katana is a symbol of elegance and strength. The hard scabbard features a swirling electric blue and silver pattern, topped with the emblem of Clan Sakai, creating a visually stunning presentation. The matching tanto, mirroring the construction and aesthetic of the katana, measures 21 inches overall with a 14-inch blade, completing the set in perfect harmony. Proudly showcase this magnificent set with the included dual sword stand, embodying the spirit of Clan Sakai in every detail.



Handmade katana and tanto set inspired by Ghosts of Tsushima.
Katana and tanto feature a handforged 1060 carbon steel blade, polished and sharpened.
Habaki adorned with the symbol of Clan Sakai, adding historical significance.
Intricate metal guard with electric bolt symbols for a touch of mystique.
Swirling electric blue and silver pattern on the scabbard, topped with the emblem of Clan Sakai.

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