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Handmade Medieval Gothic Revival 16g Bevor Armor

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Evolved from the gorget this medieval plate armor that protects the lower face and neck is called a bevor. The bevor was typically worn in conjunction with a sallet helmet for full protection of the head, chin, and neck. This bevor however has an added movable piece that you can pull up to extend that protection to the mouth and nose. Made of 16 gauge steel this piece is polished, battle ready, and looking for action. Able to ward off the blows of a mighty sword this bevor is a necessity in protecting you from your enemies. All you need to do is buckle this bad boy on using the leather strap and you are ready to go. This Gothic style design makes this bevor look intimidating to strike fear in all who would dare challenge you. After all psychological warfare is key.



Overall Length: 10 Inches
Overall Width: 11 Inches
Overall Height: 3.50 inches
Extended Height: 5 Inches
Material: 16 Gauge Steel

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