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Harvests Fury Hand Forged High Carbon Steel Medieval Billhook Spearhead

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Unleash the legacy of the farm to the battlefield with our Harvest's Fury Medieval Billhook. Originally a humble farming tool, this hand-forged high carbon steel weapon became a versatile and reliable ally for farmers turned warriors. With an easily replaceable shaft and a blade designed for effective slashing attacks, the billhook proved to be an adaptable and accessible choice for battle. The Farm to Battlefield Medieval Billhook pays homage to this historical weapon, featuring a classic billhook spearhead with a beautifully curved 7.75-inch blade. The undrilled shaft, with an opening diameter of 1.25 inches, grants you the freedom to decide where to place the setting nail and customize the securing points according to your preference. This formidable weapon comes complete with a genuine leather sheath, providing safe and stylish carry and storage for your Medieval Billhook. Embrace the versatility and craftsmanship of a weapon that transitioned from tilling the land to commanding the battlefield.



Blade Material: High carbon steel for durability and sharpness
Versatile Design: Curved blade for effective slashing attacks and control over the opponent's weapon
Replaceable Shaft: Easily repairable with a replaceable shaft, ensuring long-lasting use
Customizable Shaft: Undrilled shaft allows you to choose placement and number of securing points
Genuine Leather Sheath: Provides safe and stylish carry and storage

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