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Helmet of the Spaniard Maximus Roman Gladiator

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From the Gladiator movie comes this functional replica Helmet of the Spaniard. The 18 Gauge steel is thick and hard for absolute armor protection. At the top is a contoured crest, welded on, diverting any strikes from the top. The front spikes out and adds the intimidating factor needed in an arena. 16 Steel Spikes are fixed all across the rounded helmet. Armor also becomes weapon. The rear of the helmet slopes down and away, protecting the neck. The front of this helmet has an 18 gauge steel Basinet Visor riveted on that adjust to any size or style. The face is protected well. Contours of the nose and brow reinforce the structure of the Helmet of the Spaniard. Inside the helmet is a soft leather liner. The liner is fully adjustable to any size. It suspends the top of the helmet well above the head, so any impact will be absorbed across the entire helmet. The Roman Spaniard Gladiator, Maximus, was famous as a General fit to be king. A dying Roman Emperor wished to grant Maximus with temporary power over Rome. Upon the death of the Emperor, Maximus was betrayed and cast into slavery. Maximus was sold into the Roman Gladiator Arena where he climbed to power. Eventually, Maximus obtained vendetta and killed the Roman leader in an arena battle, bringing change to the Roman Empire.



Overall: Length - 14.5 Inches, Width - 10 Inches
Inner Circle: 28 Inches
Steel Gauge: 18G
Features: Soft Leather Suspension Liner
Functional Replica

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