Ichigo Ultimate Majestic Tensa Zangetsu Bankai - 68 Inches Overall


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This massive 68 inch Ichigo Ultimate Tensa Zangetsu, meaning "Heaven Chain Slaying Moon", is a must have for your Anime Manga collection! Constructed from quality steel, the blackened, 3mm thick blade is complete with three spikes. This sword comes with the matching black wood scabbard and an extra long 59 inch chain. The 16 inch handle is constructed from ABS and zinc aluminum.



Overall Length: 68 Inches (In Woodend Scabbard)
Blade: 48 Inches Long; 1.25 Inches Wide; 3mm Thick; Stainless Steel; Blackened
Handle: 16 Inches Long, ABS and Zinc Aluminum
Guard: 2.75 Inches Wide, Zinc Aluminum
Chain Length: 59 Inches

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