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Inosuke Fury Unleashed Demon Slayer Katana

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Embrace the wild spirit of Inosuke with our Demon Slayer katana, featuring a unique cutout pattern that pays homage to this untamed character. True to Inosuke's style, this katana breaks conventions with no guard, reflecting his fearless approach to combat. The handle and scabbard are meticulously wrapped in white cloth, mirroring the distinct aesthetics seen in the anime. At 41 inches, this katana is not just a collector's item but a symbol of Inosuke's untamed fury. Add a touch of the Beast Breathing style to your collection with this authentic and visually stunning Demon Slayer katana.



Unique Cutout Pattern: The blade boasts a distinctive cutout pattern, inspired by Inosuke's wild and unpredictable nature.
Guardless Design: True to Inosuke's character, this katana breaks tradition with a guardless design, making it a bold and unconventional piece in your collection.
White Cloth Wrapping: The handle and scabbard are wrapped in white cloth, capturing the authentic look seen in the anime and providing a comfortable grip.
Impressive Length: Standing at 41 inches, this katana commands attention and showcases the raw power of Inosuke's combat style.
Collector's Item: Perfect for Demon Slayer enthusiasts, this katana is a must-have collector's item, capturing the essence of Inosuke's untamed spirit in every detail.

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