Japanese Anime Ichigo Kurosaki Zanpakuto Dual Wield 41" Sword


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This 41 inch blade is wielded by Ichigo Kurosaki consequent to unleashing the dual blade form of his Zanpakuto, Tensa Zangetsu. This sword is usually carried with a short Zanpakuto allowing him in having two sources of power. This full tang sword is 41 inches long and constructed of stainless steel with a painted with a black finished the edged. There is an oblong cutout in the upper part of the blade allowing for a swift execution. The handle is cushioned and then wrapped with cotton wrapping with a tail. Included is a leather sheath with belt loop and back straps. This is an Ichigo Fans dream. Now you too can experience the dual power of Ichigo.



Overall Length: 41 Inches
Overall Width: Approximately 3 Inches
Blade Length: 28 Inches
Material: Stainless Steel with Cotton Wrapping
Included: Leather sheath with Belt Loop and Back Straps

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