Japanese Double Dragon Fury Samurai Katana Sword


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This is the Japanese Dragon Fury Samurai Katana Sword. The blade of the sword measures 26.75 inches and has been constructed from high carbon steel with a visible Hamon (temper line) and it comes slightly sharpened. The Saya (scabbard) is wooden with a flat black finish and offers a traditional bull horn Sageo (Cord) which is used mostly for hanging. The scabbard has been engraved a traditional Japanese two headed dragon spitting out two flaming ball. The aluminum alloy scabbard throat is detailed with scenes and offers a black finish. The handle of the sword is wooden and its wrapped with a traditional braided style black nylon cord. The handle also sports a black zinc alloy pommel with two dragons matching the dragon on the guard, scabbard throat and scabbard. The black finish aluminum zinc alloy guard features a traditional oval shaped guard with two dragons. A decorative black Habaki (blade collar) helps to keep the blade in position with the handle.



Overall length: 39.75 Inches
Blade: 26.75 Inches, Carbon Steel Construction, Visible Faux Tempered Line
Handle Material: Wood Construction, Black Nylon Cord Wrap
Scabbard Material: Wooden, Dull Black, Bull Horn Cord Wrap, Decorative Aluminum Throat, Engraved Japanese Dragons.
Guard Material: Blackened Zinc Alloy, Oval Shaped with Dragon Design

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