Kenjutsu Swordsmanship Martial Arts Practice Bokken



A bokken is a Japanese training sword often constructed of wood and shaped like a katana. They allowed for a safer and inexpensive way for Samurai Warriors to train. Today they are also used as a training aid in other types of Martial Arts training. Its simple wooden construction demands less care and maintenance than a katana. Kenjutsu Swordsmanship Martial Arts Practice Bokken is constructed of hardwood and stained. The handle comes with characters to give this piece its own unique style. This item is a must in continuing with your Kenjutsu training.



Overall Length: 40.25 Inches
Blade Length: 30.75 Inches
Construction: Hardwood, Dark Stained Finish
Blade Dimensions: 1 Inch X 1.5 Inches
Handle: 9.50 Inches

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