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Knights Templar Long Sword Carbon Steel

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Exquisite metal working was forged to life in this Knights Templar functional long sword. A thick central ridge is accentuated by a smooth, functional point. The fuller covers of the actual blade on both sides. Although the blade has a standard safety edge, it can be professionally sharpened to it's authentically inherited sharp edge. At the base of the 6mm thick blade, it fills out to 2 inches wide. What better protection is there than a steel reinforced cross guard? This guard protects an area of about 8 inches. Grasp the tough steel handle, all wrapped in Vinyl Leather. The weighted octagonal pommel features the Knights Templar crusaders cross, also associated with the Masons. Sheath this beauty in a fully wrapped hardwood scabbard. It is traditionally wrapped from top to bottom, and even inside where the blade inserts. The ends are fitted with steel for absolute protection. Original Long Swords from the early A.D. and Middle Age were studied and researched as a bases for reproduction. Each Knights Templar Long Sword is hand made by professional metal smiths that pride their work put into each sword. Raw Materials were hand selected for the specific purpose of producing the most accurate functional Knights Templar Long Sword. It is built to reflect the original swords from the period. From the blade steel to the sewn scabbard wrap, everything has been analyzed for optimum reproduction. Please note that due to the carbon content of the sword there may be minor rusting.



Dimensions: Overall Length - 41.25 Inches, Blade Length - 33.75 Inches
Blade: Double Factory Edge, Length Fuller
Blade Steel: Carbon Steel, Polished Surface
Blade: 2 Inches Wide, 6 mm Thick
Handle Wrap: Vinyl Leather, Black

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