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Lael's Roman Gladiatorial Arena Brass Cuirass

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Roman Gladiator Armor and their weapons were taken not just from the Romans, but from the different peoples that they conquered. The Roman spectators in the Colosseum enjoyed being reminded of Roman conquests and loved any gladiatorial fights that provided some sort of novelty, such as foreign armor, weapons and different styles of combat. The spectators loved a spectacle - costumes and different types of armor helped to provide this. Gladiators, and their style of combat, were instantly recognized by the Romans by the armor that they wore and the weapons that they carried. Lael's Roman Gladiatorial Arena Brass Cuirass would make a great costume or display piece. The magnificent detail and iconic look of Lael's Roman Gladiatorial Arena Brass Cuirass makes it a must-have piece for any reenactor or Roman collector. It is inspired by and modeled after the legendary muscle cuirasses that Greek and Roman warriors preferred. This set includes a matched breastplate and back plate of steel that are plated in high polished brass. The breastplate is artistically sculpted to look like a heavily muscled chest, with great detail including the pecks and belly button. Two genuine leather straps on each side to accommodate multiple sizes and the shoulder piece features adjustable leather straps as well. These leather straps are well riveted to the Cuirass. If you are looking to make an impression with your next Roman look it will make anyone look like a real general out of Ancient Rome.



Dimensions: Overall Length - 22.5 Inches, Circumference: 47.25 Inches at Chest, 41.75 Inches at Waist
Finish: High Polished Brass, 20 Gauge
Straps: Six, Genuine Cow Hide Leather with Buckles
Coverage: Middle and Upper Body, Front and Back
Includes: Cuirass (Front and Back pieces)

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