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Legendary Blade of Frey Elven Short Scimitar

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Elven magic is very old and very strong as it resonates from nature. Not only are they great in magic but they are skilled warriors. The Light Elves have been at war for eons with the Elves of Darkness. It is the same old story good versus evil. The Dark Elves want to destroy the Light Elves taking over there kingdom and be able to walk in the daylight again. Fight the forces of evil and protect what is rightfully yours with the Legendary Blade of Frey Elven Short Scimitar. This type of magic in the palm of your hands would be a great advantage. This short scimitar features a stainless steel blade with a black ABS textured handle and zinc aluminum accents. Carved into the handle are two moons and two clovers. The blade comes factory sharp and housed in a scabbard also constructed of a black abs material with zinc aluminum accents with carved ancient symbols. These symbols draw on power from natural making the wielder a natural and skilled warrior. Make sure you have the upper hand in the war between good and evil.



Overall Length: 16.25 Inches
Handle Length: 5.25 Inches
Blade Length: 11 Inches
Material: Stainless Steel, Zinc Aluminum, ABS Material


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