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Legendary Elven Rune Stainless Steel Scimitar

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When visiting other realms and unknown lands arm yourself with our Legendary Ancient Script Elven Rune Fantasy Stainless Steel Scimitar. You never know what kind of trouble is lurking in the dark forests of these strange exotic lands. This formidable weapon has a scimitar style blade constructed of stainless steel with inscriptions of a magical nature engraved with an intricate design on the blade. The handle has a wood grain finish with a polished steel golden pommel. The Legendary Ancient Script Elven Rune Fantasy Stainless Steel Scimitar comes with a faux leather wrapped scabbard to protect your blade from the elements and to add a touch of elegance there is golden accents the adorn the top and bottom. To carry your weapon with you at all times there is a buckled strap with belt loop so your sword can be strapped tightly to your side. Included is a wood constructed wall plaque with a golden silkscreened design and wood grain finish to display your own piece of Elven history when you aren’t battling orcs and trolls on a daily basis.



Overall length: 20 Inches  Blade Length: 13.50 Inches
Blade Material: Stainless Steel Construction
Handle Material: Wooden Construction, Polished Steel with Gold Finish
Scabbard Material: Wooden, Faux Leather Wrap, Polished Steel with Gold Finish
Includes:  Decorative Wood Grained Plaque with hardware

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