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Live for Food Ulu Damascus Kitchen Camping Knife with Sheath

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The ulu knife is an excellent all purpose kitchen tool that can be used for chopping, skinning, dicing, and much more. The handle is attached to the spine of the blade in two places to give you a convenient and comfortable chopping angle and allow for your hand to fit around the handle easily. The mesmerizing swirls on the cheek of the Damascus blade in contrast to the dual color polished wood handle will wow your friends and family as well as add an intense rustic touch to your kitchen but why stop there? The Live for Food Damascus Kitchen Camping Ulu Knife can come with a stand to keep in your kitchen or a sheath to take it on the go. Making food while camping when hard flat surfaces may be nonexistent is no problem for the ulu knife. The curved blade means that this knife can chop at any angle on any surface efficiently, making meal prep while camping easy. The Live for Food Damascus Kitchen Camping Ulu Knife is a must have in the kitchen no matter where that kitchen is for anyone who lives for food. Each blade is made from a forged ingot od 300-400 layers of steel. Steel types are 1095 high carbon steel and 15N20 stainless steel. The patterned steel is super strong and well known to be the sharpest available. The pattern in the steel comes from the darkening (or forced oxidation) of the 1095 high carbon steel, while the 15N20 stainless stays lighter in color.



Overall Length: 5.6 Inches
Blade Style: Ulu Chef Kitchen & Skinning Profile
Blade Construction: Damascus Steel, 1095 High Carbon, 15N20
Handle Construction: Walnut Hardwood & Buffalo Horn
Includes: Handmade leather sheath

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