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Medieval 13th Century Gurisarme Polearm Attachment

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Uncover the historical roots of weaponry with our Medieval 13th Century Gurisarme Polearm Attachment. Originating from humble beginnings, this polearm is a testament to the resourcefulness of peasants who transformed farming equipment into tools for defense. The Guisarme, with its evolution from a pruning hook tied to a long shaft, has taken on many variations, culminating in this exquisite piece. Hand-forged from high carbon steel and expertly heat-treated, the authentic blackened finish adds an aura of antiquity. The sharpened blade transitions into a hook or "beak," historically employed for dismounting horseback riders, and is crowned with a 6 ½-inch spear tip. The 4-inch socket is pre-drilled, allowing you to effortlessly connect a wooden shaft of your choice, creating a custom prop that pays homage to medieval craftsmanship.



Authentic Design: Recreates the historical evolution of the Gurisarme polearm
Hand-Forged High Carbon Steel: Ensures durability with an authentic blackened finish
Multi-Purpose Blade: Sharpens into a hook for dismounting and features a 6 ½-inch spear tip
Pre-Drilled Socket: Facilitates easy connection to a wooden shaft for customization
Overall Length: 17 inches, Blade Length: 12 inches

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