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Medieval Half Sleeve Child Haubergeon Chainmail

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Why is it only adults get to ride atop a horse and don a sword? Well, this is not the case anymore. Win the King’s favor or rescue your Lady Fair from the dragon of the land. Before you head out on your next adventure you need to make sure you are properly equipped. Armor especially chainmail is vital to a knight. This half sleeve habergeon is made from 16 gauge mild steel with a zinc plated finish. This shirt is handmade with a 4 to 1 pattern and butted 10mm rings. With this chainmail shirt you will also receive a coif made from the same material and the same pattern. So suit up grab your wooden sword and go slay that pesky dragon.



Overall: Length: 18.5 Inches; Width: 16 Inches; Chest Size: 32 Inches
Construction: Mild Steel; Finish: Zinc Plated; ID/Gauge: 10MM, 16G
Arm: Width: 7 Inches; Length: 7 Inches; Coif Overall Length: 13.25 Inches
Coif Face Opening: 6x6 Inches; Coif Bottom Span: 17.50 Inches
For Ages: 5 to 9 Years; Ring Pattern: 4 in 1, Butted

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