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Medieval Marvel Italian Inspired Visored Barbuta Helmet

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Step into the rich history of Italian medieval warfare with our Visored Barbuta Helmet. Originating from Italy, the Barbuta helmet was a staple of medieval armor, prized for its balance of protection, vision, and ventilation. Crafted from durable carbon steel, our Crucial Transformation Visored Barbuta Helmet features an 18G construction, ensuring both strength and authenticity. The addition of a functional visor enhances protection without compromising sight or airflow, allowing wearers to lift it when necessary. Equipped with chains on either side of the visor, this helmet offers unparalleled flexibility, ensuring smooth functionality during combat. For added security, a circular steel piece on the right-hand cheek enables the visor to be locked in the down position, providing extra peace of mind in battle. To blend style with practicality, a meticulously designed cross cutout adorns the same cheek, not only adding a touch of medieval flair but also enhancing ventilation for comfort during prolonged use.



Authentic Italian design inspired by medieval warfare
Durable carbon steel construction with 18G thickness for optimal protection
Functional visor provides enhanced defense while maintaining vision and ventilation
Chains on both sides of the visor offer flexibility for seamless movement
Circular steel piece on the right-hand cheek allows for secure visor locking, ensuring stability in combat

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