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Medieval Mini Black Knight 14th Century Statute

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By about 1420, complete suits of plate armour had been developed. A full suit of plate armour would have consisted of a helmet, a gorget, pauldrons , besagews, rondels, couters, vambraces, gauntlets, a cuirass with a fauld, tassets and a culet, a mail skirt, cuisses, poleyns, greaves, and sabatons. Even thou the armor was made of steel, the wearer remained highly agile and could jump, run and otherwise move freely as the weight of the armor was spread evenly throughout the body. The armor was articulated and covered a man's entire body completely from neck to toe. The Medieval Mini Black Knight 14th Century Statute is constructed of 22 gauge mild steel with a black finish and solid wood base. It stands approximately 27 inches tall and will accent your office, den, or library with an old world style. This replicated handmade piece is a collector’s dream that can’t be beat.



Color: Black
Wood Base
Overall Length: Approximately 27 inches or 69 cm
Material: 22g Mild Steel with Wood Base

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