Memories Past Forgotten Wooden Key Sword Replica


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In a chest located in the great hall you will find the Memories Past Forgotten Wooden Key Sword Replica and this is one wicked key. When it is summoned there is black smoke and purple sparks surrounding it. This key is completely made of resin and hand painted. The guard is shaped to resemble bat wings in the center is a diamond while a chain design runs the length of the blade. There is a plastic black chain token hangs from the pommel and is shaped like a black crown. This key is often associated with forgetting memories. Upgrade now to the Passing Memories Forgotten Wooden Game Key Sword Replica and display it proudly on your wall. Please note this is a display piece only.



Overall Length: 36.50 Inches
Chain Length: 15.50 Inches
Overall Handle Width: 11.75 Inches
Chain Material: Aluminum
Key Material: Wooden, Hand Painted

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