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Muscular Blackened Greek Heroic Steel Cuirass

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The muscle cuirass or heroic cuirass is a type of body armor cast to fit the wearer's torso and designed to mimic an idealized human physique. The anatomy of muscle cuirasses intended for use might be either realistic or reduced to an abstract design; the fantastically illustrated cuirasses worn by gods and emperors in Roman statues usually incorporate realistic nipples and the navel within the scene depicted. The main purpose of the highly figured cuirass was to impress, and it was likely reserved for military reviews and parades. The Muscular Blackened Greek Heroic Cuirass is hand-shaped from a single, large piece of 20 gauge mild steel, carefully pounded into the shape of a nicely muscled male torso. Crafted with impeccable detailing a lot of time went into sculpturing the chest, pecks, and belly button. Leather straps have been riveted to the top of the shoulders and sides to attach to back plate. A leather apron with ornate brass accents adorns the bottom of the breast plate to give this piece a formal and opulent look. Take home this piece to finish your period attire by not only feeling like a god but looking like one too.



Dimensions: Size - Large, Overall Front - 23.50 x 15.25 Inches, Back - 20 x 16 Inches
Material: 20 G Mild Steel, Black Finish, Leather Straps
Circumference: Chest - 47.24 Inches, Waist - 41.73 Inches
Apron Material: Leather with Brass accents
Sculpted Nipplea, Abs, Pecks, and Navel

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