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Shinobi Metal Kunai

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Used by Shinobi the Kunai is a versatile weapon with a multitude of uses. Use is at a knife, use it as a throwing knife or tie a cord to the ring and get creative. The ring on a kunai serves multiple purposes, including assisting changing grip quickly in combat. It also serves as a counterweight to keep the kunai stable in flight while throwing. It can also have a cord tied to it to retrieve the kunai after throwing. Our version is a replica commonly used in the anime. It is made of metal and is perfectly weighted. The handle is wrapped with cotton wrapping to provide a secure grip while using. The colored grip also serves as a visual cue to assist tracking this kunai while it is in flight.



Weight is 6 oz
Length 9.5 inches
Red cotton wrapped handle
Can be used in multiple ways, including hand to hand or thrown
Solid metal construction


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