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Nobles Antique Foliate Brass Belt Buckle

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Medieval belt buckles ranged from the simply functional to the beautiful and elaborate. This Nobles Antique Foliate Brass Belt Buckle is made of one hundred percent pure brass with an antiqued finish. Belts were made of one of four materials- leather, woven braid, embroidered fabric or solid metalwork. Peasant women wore sturdier and more practical belts of leather. Almost all of these would have been unadorned except for the buckle. Women of better financial standing or breeding wore thinner girdles of better processed leather or embroidered girdles with more elaborate metal clasps or buckles. Where leather girdles were concerned, it appeared that designs were also painted or stamped onto the belt leather directly.



Length: 2 inches
Width: 1.5 inches
Pin Length: 1.25 inches
Fits Strap of 20mm
Material: 100% Polished Brass Finish: Antique

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