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Persian Prince Sword Wooden Royalty

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Persian Prince Sword Wooden Royalty. The 33 inch sword is crafted to replicate a royal scimitar sword. The natural wooden construction is durable and features a refined smooth finish. Double blood grooves are carved into the blade, and the end of the blade is accurately wider. The handle is curved in the same manor that a traditional scimitar sword would be. Whether you wish to use this sword for practice, or just as a decoration, it will make a very nice accurate wooden scimitar to have. More About Scimitars: This blade type originated in Southwest Asia and the Middle East. The curved blade was good for slashing, and the light weight made it a very powerful weapon from horseback. The weight of this sword makes it good for pursuing and exit strategies, yet the design helps it compete with larger, heavier swords. Many variations and sword adaptations were based on the scimitar, including the cutlass sword.



Overall Length: 33 Inches
Blade: Middle Eastern, Scimitar, Wooden
Color: Finished, Natural Wood


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