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Pharaohs Wing Egyptian Inspired Kris Dagger with Hieroglyphic Scabbard

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Unveil the mystique of ancient Egypt with our Pharaoh's Wing Egyptian-Inspired Kris Dagger. This exceptional dagger features a 17-inch curving shiny blade that echoes the elegance and craftsmanship of traditional Egyptian weaponry. Housed in a metal scabbard adorned with hieroglyphs, this dagger is a tribute to the rich history and symbolism of the Nile. The guard, shaped as majestic eagle wings, is intricately decorated with a scabbard betel, adding a touch of regality to the design. The handle, a masterpiece on its own, takes the form of a pharaoh's sarcophagus, capturing the essence of royal burial traditions. Whether displayed as a collector's piece or admired for its historical inspiration, the Pharaoh's Wing Kris Dagger is a symbol of the grandeur and artistry of ancient Egypt.



Curving Shiny Blade: 17 inches of elegant craftsmanship
Hieroglyphic Scabbard: Adorned with ancient Egyptian symbols
Eagle Wing Guard: Majestic design with a scabbard betel
Sarcophagus Handle: Shaped to resemble a pharaoh's burial chamber
Collector's Item: A unique and historical addition to any collection

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