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Premium Indian Rosewood Bokken with Genuine Leather Wrapped Handle

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Experience the pinnacle of training weaponry with our Premium Indian Rosewood Bokken featuring a genuine leather-wrapped handle. Crafted from dense and durable Indian rosewood, this bokken measures 40 inches in length with a 31.5-inch blade, faithfully replicating the dimensions of a real katana. The genuine brown leather wrapping on the handle provides a soft and comfortable grip, ideal for extended training sessions. Additionally, the bokken comes with an optional plastic guard for added protection.



Durable Indian Rosewood Construction: Crafted from dense and strong Indian rosewood, this bokken is built to withstand rigorous training sessions while maintaining its integrity and balance.
Genuine Leather Wrapped Handle: The handle is wrapped in genuine brown leather, offering a comfortable and secure grip that softens with use, enhancing control and reducing hand fatigue during long training sessions.
Authentic Katana Dimensions: With a 40-inch length and a 31.5-inch blade, this bokken faithfully replicates the dimensions of a real katana, providing a realistic training experience for martial artists and enthusiasts.
Optional Plastic Guard: The bokken comes with an optional plastic guard, providing added protection for the blade and ensuring safety during training sessions and sparring drills.
Tough and Well-Made Design: Designed to be tough, durable, and well-made, this bokken is an essential tool for martial arts practitioners seeking a reliable and comfortable training weapon for honing their skills.

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