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Rengoku Blaze Demon Slayer Katana

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Step into the world of Demon Slayer with our meticulously crafted katana, inspired by the iconic blade wielded by Rengoku. The blackened steel blade is adorned with a striking red flame pattern, capturing the essence of Rengoku's fiery spirit. The attention to detail extends to the hand-painted metal flame guard, ensuring an authentic and visually stunning representation. The handle, wrapped in pure white cotton, provides a comfortable grip, leading to a meticulously designed metal end cap. This katana stands at an impressive 41 inches, making it a formidable and eye-catching piece for any collector or enthusiast. Housed in a durable scabbard, the katana's exterior is adorned with the same intricate design seen in the anime, adding an extra layer of authenticity to this must-have Demon Slayer collectible. Bring the power of Rengoku's flame to your collection with this exceptional katana.



Intricate Flame Design: The blackened blade features a meticulously crafted red flame pattern, paying homage to Rengoku's intense fighting style.
Hand-Painted Flame Guard: The metal flame guard is individually hand-painted, ensuring each katana is a unique work of art that captures the essence of the anime.
Comfortable Grip: The handle is wrapped in pure white cotton, providing a comfortable and authentic grip, leading to a metal end cap for added detail.
Impressive Size: Standing at 41 inches, this katana commands attention and makes for a striking display piece in any collection.
Authentic Scabbard Design: The hard scabbard not only protects the blade but also features the same intricate design seen in the anime, making this katana a true collector's item for Demon Slayer fans.

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