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Revenge of Calder Norse Seafaring Viking Axe

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According to Old Norse legend, Aegir, the god of the sea, was known to be quite unforgiving to the inhabitants of Midgard (the world of humanity). When large waves would menacingly lick at their ships, the Vikings knew that Aegir was near. To appease Aegir, the Vikings would toss out slaves that were aboard their ships as sacrifice, often to no avail. Due to Aegir’s lust for gold and treasure, not many ships that entered his path survived. Stories have been told of Viking ships that have been known to perish at the hands of Aegir being sighted, with an army of the undead aboard. These undead Viking soldiers were known as Draugr. The Draugr carried weapons similar to this battle axe. The axe head is forged from carbon steel, and bears the etchings of the Draugr’s demise at sea. The blade of this axe is sharpened and ready for revenge. The handle is made from durable Sheesham wood, with a lanyard hole cut out of the bottom so you don’t lose your axe in the harsh sea. The Valknut is engraved into both sides of the handle and etched into the middle of the illustration on the axe head, for it is known as the binding of the slain.



Battle Ready
Blade Material: Carbon Steel
Weight: Approx. 3 lbs, Overall Length: 20.25 inches
Axe head: Overall Length: 6.5 inches, Blade Length: 4.5 inches
Handle Length: 18.5 inches

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