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Roman Gladius Legion Gladiator Historic Sword

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The Roman Gladius was one of the most popular weapon types among Roman Legions and Gladiators alike. It's short, stiff blade is good for breaking a spear and intense forward stabbing thrusts. The carbon steel blade has a Rockwell hardness of 45-55 RC and is forged from hand selected materials. The Gladius ruled close combat fighting for many centuries. This Gladius has the authentic tapered point blade that excels at stabbing during thrusting. The base of the blade is about 2 inches wide, it thins to 1.9 inches in the middle, then expands out to 2.1 inches right before the tapered point. A central ridge runs the full length of the blade, increasing it's rigidity. The handle is full hardwood with a carbon steel plated guard. The guard is about 2.75 inches wide and curves to fit the hand. The solid wooden grip has ridges that fit each finger. The sword is easily held in one hand. The round pommel is hand carved from Hardwood. Each Gladius comes with a wooden scabbard that is wrapped in black leather and hand-sewn on. Shiny polished brass fittings decorate the scabbard. The brass is worked by hand and provides a battle-perfect surface effect (random curves). This Authentic Gladius is fully 100% Authentically Replicated and will meet your every expectation. *Please note that due to the carbon steel construction of this handmade sword, there may be slight imperfections including some rusting on this item. This rust is easily removable and should not deter from the long term value of this item. Further rusting can be avoided by proper maintenance of the blade.



Overall Length: 29.5 Inches
Blade Length: 22 Inches
Blade Steel: Carbon Steel, Polished & Oiled
Guard Width: 2.75 Inches
Handle Length: 4.75 Inches

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