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Sasuke Kusanagi Grass Cutter Sword

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Step into the world of legendary warriors with our Sasuke kusangi grass cutter sword. Inspired by a beloved anime series, this straight sword embodies the spirit of a skilled warrior and is perfect for collectors and enthusiasts alike. Housed in a striking white wooden scabbard adorned with the iconic black strip featuring a red symbol, this sword is a true work of art. The straight blade is crafted from stainless steel with a unique two-tone finish, combining a sleek black body with a silver edge.



Authentic replica of Sasuke's iconic sword from the anime series, ideal for collectors and enthusiasts.
Intricately designed scabbard with a white base, black strip, and red symbol, mirroring the original sword's appearance.
Durable stainless steel blade with a sleek two-tone finish (black blade with a silver edge) for longevity and authenticity.
Balanced design and precise craftsmanship ensure realistic feel and impressive display, perfect for cosplay and collection showcase.
Overall length of 40 inches with a 27-inch blade, providing a striking presence while remaining manageable for display or cosplay use.


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