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Shadow Melody Handmade Carbon Steel Sword

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Embark on a journey into the realms of shadows with our Shadow Melody Handmade Sword. Crafted from 1095 carbon steel, the blade, tempered to perfection, resonates with an otherworldly harmony. The sword's 33-inch total length, with a 26-inch blade, casts a silhouette that whispers of mystery. The blackened fuller, a shade in the symphony of design, adds a dual-tone finish that dances with the shadows. The leather-wrapped handle invites you to grasp the essence of twilight, topped with a distinctly shaped pommel that echoes the whispers of unseen entities. This handmade masterpiece is housed in a hard leather-wrapped scabbard, ready to unveil its shadowy secrets. Step into the unknown with the Shadow Melody sword—an ode to the beauty found within the depths of shadows. The Shadow Melody Handmade Sword is not just a weapon; it's a symphony of shadows, an artful dance between light and darkness that beckons you to explore the mysterious depths.



1095 Carbon Steel Blade: Tempered to perfection, crafting a blade that sings with shadowy elegance.
Blacked-Out Fuller: A dual-tone finish that adds a shade of mystery to the design.
Leather-Wrapped Handle: Invites you to grasp the essence of twilight with each swing.
Distinctly Shaped Pommel: Echoes the whispers of unseen entities, a nod to the shades that linger in the shadows.
Hard Leather-Wrapped Scabbard: Housed in a protective sheath, ready to unveil its shadowy secrets when called upon.

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